Dozens passengers from the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship injured on a bus tripe in the Bahamas


No other vehicles were involved. Thirty-two passengers from the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship were on the bus when it crashed. The cruise  left Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday for a five-day trip. The ship carries 2,600 passengers.In the meantime, after accident, the Cathedral Cove, Ocean Hole, and Rock Sound Island Tour has been suspended. A U.S. military C-130 aircraft transported trauma patients. Four travelers were airlifted to Florida for medical treatment. Three of them sustained serious injuries, including arm and leg fractures, internal injuries and possible paralysis, Broward County’s fire and rescue department said. All four patients were conscious and speaking. Twenty-eight people were treated at a clinic in the Bahamas and were cleared to return to the ship. The cause of the crash was under investigation.

Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship

Carnival Ecstasy is currently continuing with her planned itinerary. The ship is operated by Carnival Cruise Line, was floated out on January 6, 1991 and has cruised from ports in the United States to the Caribbean.


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