Many residents were evacuated from an apartments building in Sydney

There is no immediate concern about any catastrophic failure or collapse but precautionary residents were relocated on Friday night from approximately 96 units of the ten-storey Mascot Towers, a high-rise building in Sydney, ten-year-old.

The unit block consists of two towers connected by a central foundation that contain 131 apartments and nine shops. Major structural concerns are feared after “a large crack appeared” and movement was detected. The problem was spotted over the last few days. Fire trucks parked outside the building. Police have cordoned off the area.  “The building’s engineer has carried out a site inspection this afternoon regarding cracking in the transfer slab beams supporting the primary building corner,” a notice from the building manager reads. The notice from the building manager said it was unknown whether insurance would cover the costs incurred by residents who have to seek temporary accommodation.

Emergency at the scene

There is speculation that construction nearby may have "dislodged" the Mascot block. The incident comes just six months after the 36-storey Opal Tower apartment complex at Sydney’s Olympic Park was first evacuated, after residents heard loud cracking noises, with damage later found on several levels.