A flight from Manchester to Islamabad was delayed hours after emergency door was open


Aircraft’s airbag chute opened. The plane was on the runaway of the Manchester airport. It was parked at the airport. There was no threat of any kind. The flight was delayed by seven hours. After the incident, about 40 passengers were offloaded along with their luggage as per standard operating procedure. They were provided transportation and hotel accommodation and later on adjusted on other flight. PIA chief Air Marshal Arshad Malik had ordered an inquiry into the incident.


Escape slides are packed and held within the door structure inside the slide bustle, a protruding part of the inside of an aircraft door that varies with aircraft size, door size and door location. In many modern planes, to reduce evacuation time, evacuation slides deploy automatically when a door is opened. The first aircraft evacuation slide was developed and produced by Air Cruisers, founded by James F. Boyle, inventor of the World War II life vest.


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