The oldest Canadian person has died aged 114


At 114 years old, plus 40 days. She was the oldest Canadian, the oldest person in North America and the ninth oldest person on Earth, according to the Gerontology Research Group. According to her family, Ms. Gibb was sharp and charismatic until the end of her life. “She had a mind like a steel trap right till the end,” said Dave Crozier, her grandson. As a young woman, she worked at Eaton’s in Winnipeg, where she nurtured a love of fashion she would keep for the rest of her life.

Ellen aged 18

„She was always well dressed,” people remember. She married Dave Gibb in 1928. They had two daughters: Eleanor, in 1928, and Sue, in 1939. Mr. Gibb died in 1968 at age 62. Her family attributed her longevity to “great genetics and diet, regular walks, a love of family and generosity to others.” Ms. Gibb was known to drink one beer a day. She was featured on astronaut Chris Hadfield’s speaking tour and received birthday cards from prime ministers and a letter from the Queen. She was something of a celebrity in North Bay.


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