Fog delayed Saturday flights and reduced visibility for roads users


International passengers were delayed up to 30 minutes, a Sydney Airport spokesman told media. Domestic passengers were delayed between 90 minutes and two hours. Saturday flights on regional carrier Rex are also delayed to and from towns including Cooma, Armidale, Narrandera, Griffith, Albury, Orange, Merimbula, Newcastle, Parkes, Wagga Wagga and Broken Hill. Ferry services were cancelled due to poor visibility. Locals have reported local iconic landmarks have been completely concealed by the fog, including the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Anzac Bridge. It also concealed the view of the harbour from under the bridge.


The fog comes as a result of recent rain increasing the available moisture required for fog formation. The winds transported the fog from the western suburbs (where it was initially thickest) towards the city and eastern suburbs, including Sydney Airport. “Fog has cleared from most of the suburbs now, but there might still be some haze or patchy fog,” meteorologist Katarina Kovacevis said. Meteorologists warned „there’s a chance of fog again tomorrow in the Sydney basin.”


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