A shooting with victims occurred in Darwin, Australia


A number of other people have been shot. Onlookers described hearing 20 shots fired. The Northern Territory police said a 45-year-old man, described as a caucasian man about 45-years-old, wearing high-vis workwear, had been arrested. The suspect was driving a white Toyota Hilux. Officers expect to lay charges against him on Wednesday. Police said there is no reason to believe any other offenders had been involved. Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters traveling with him in London that the shooting was not an act of terrorism. “He shot up all the rooms and he went to every room looking for somebody and he shot them all up,”a witness said.


Darwin was on lockdown after attack. The shooting in Darwin, a former frontier outpost with a population of about 130,000, is Australia’s deadliest since May of last year. After the Port Arthur killings, Australia banned assault rifles and many other semiautomatic rifles and shotguns. Sales of semiautomatic handguns, which are not as regulated as rifles, have skyrocketed.


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