Deadly attack at a bar in Brazil, Sunday


They used a motorcycle and  three cars. 11 people were killed, six women and five men, including the owner of the bar, Maria Ivanilza Pinheiro Monteiro. Some customers escaped the hail of bullets by hiding in the back of the bar. The state security agency confirmed late Sunday only that six women and five men died in the incident. Officials have said the bar is known as a drug-dealing spot. Police reported that seven gunmen were involved in the attack. Officers managed to wound one of the alleged gunmen and took him into custody, but the others reportedly got away. 


“A massacre is confirmed,” Pará state spokeswoman Natalia Mello said. There was no information regarding possible motivation for the crime . State communications officials stopped answering phone calls. Rio de Janeiro experiences daily shootouts between rival gangs and also between police and criminals. There were 756 violent deaths in Para state in the first quarter. Brazil hit a record high of 64,000 homicides in 2017, 70% of which were due to firearms, according to official statistics.


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