Floods are threatening Canadian cities after heavy rainfall


Ottawa River continues to rise in Canada and breaks 59-year-old record. Rains that drenched the region on Thursday and Friday are working their way into the river over the course of the weekend. The rising waters have prompted the government to deploy members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The City of Ottawa said that water levels continue to rise in Constance Bay, Britannia and Cumberland and are expected to peak Sunday or Monday. Devastating floods have surged through parts of the Ottawa-Gatineau area, forcing hundreds of people from their homes. Several residents remain in limbo after their homes were severely damaged.


Flooding has left about 100 people northwest of Ottawa living temporarily on an island. They can only access their homes by boat. Ottawa remains under a state of emergency. “Infrastructure is key because it has the biggest impact on the community,” Lt.-Col. Rob Marois said. “If we could get on there right away and prevent those from going down, [then] we’re going to have the biggest impact in supporting the different communities.” It will take weeks to even go down to 2017 levels where you might be able to start using the road again, residents say. The City of Pembroke declared too a state of emergency.


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