A tour helicopter crashed in Hawaii, Tuesday


“There were no flames or anything when it fell – that happened after it plummeted. Something happened with the helicopter, something went wrong with it where it stopped working,” a witness said. The aircraft hit the ground on Oneawa Street near Nowela Place. It fell directly on the roadway. No other injuries were reported. Oneawa Street was closed after accident. EMS personnel were responding to on another call in the area when they heard the bang. The helicopter was on fire on the ground. “It was in flames immediately. And you couldn’t get close to it,” another witness said.

Helicopter in fire

A woman was driving a vehicle on the road when her car was struck by a piece of debris. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has confirmed that the helicopter was operated by the tour agency Novictor Helicopters. The company was involved in another crash in October when a pilot suffered a medical emergency.  Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said the circumstances of the actual crash were unknown. The helicopter was built in 2000.


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