The Indonesian President Widodo wants to move the capital from Jakarta


However, the new location is not yet known. The actual capital Jakarta is predicted to reach 35.6 million people by 2030 to become the world’s biggest megacity. But Jakarta is sinking at one of the fastest rates in the world. Researchers determined that large parts of the megacity could be entirely submerged by 2050. North Jakarta sunk 2.5m (eight feet) in 10 years and is continuing to sink an average of 1-15cm a year which is a motivation for a real warning signal. Half of Jakarta is below sea level. At the same time, Jakarta has the world’s worst traffic congestion now.


Three options were proposed to the president. The chief candidate is Palangkaraya, hundreds of kilometers to the north-east in central Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo. It is geographically close to the centre of the archipelago. But Indonesians are sceptical about their capital ever moving because several presidents previosly promised it. None of them have been able to pull it off. Moving the capital out of Java would send a powerful political message.


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