Kim met Putin and they said their summit had promising results


After the summit with Kim, Putin said Russia favored denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and Kim agreed, but said bilateral security guarantees were not enough. Putin said he didn’t know if it was time to resume six-way talks with North Korea to end a standoff over its nuclear weapons program. More than a decade ago, talks involved participation of North and South Korea, the U.S., Japan, Russia and China. Putin had said he had a “substantial discussion” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un about the Korean Peninsula Thursday.

Coin to remember the summit

“We talked about the history of our insterstate relations, the current situation and the prospects for the development of our bilateral ties. We discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula and shared our positions on the measures to be taken for the situation to have good prospects for improvement,” the Russian President said. Kim had asked Russia to inform the U.S. of its position. “We are all pleased with the outcome of the talks — both I and my colleagues,” the Russian leader said. “Chairman Kim Jong Un is a fairly open person, leading a free discussion on all issues that were on the agenda.”


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