North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet Thursday the President Putin


Russian state media showed Kim’s armored train arriving at Vladivostok. After the 420-mile trip from Pyongyang  he was greeted by women in traditional folks dresses who offered him bread and salt. This is Kim’s first trip to Russia and first meeting with Putin. Thursday’s summit will be on the campus of Far East Federal University on Russky Island. Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov told Russian media the summit on Thursday will focus on North Korea’s nuclear program.


It’s not clear how big of a role Russia can play in efforts to restart the nuclear diplomacy. Putin-Kim summit’s agenda will also include bilateral cooperation. Kim told a Russian state TV reporter he hoped to advance concrete efforts for ending the Korean Peninsula conflict. Russia, along with China, has called for the easing of the sanctions, though both are members of the U.N. Security Council. Vladivostok has been seeing a number of unusually strict security measures. For this summit, Maritime authorities said Tuesday that the waters around Russky Island, off the southern tip of Vladivostok, would be temporarily closed to all maritime traffic.


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