Officers from Sydney City Police Area Command have reunited a homeless man and his pet rat


Chris, 59, is known for the residents because he is always with his rat, Lucy, usually curled up on a box in front of him. One day, the rat disappeared as he stepped away to take a toilet break. New South Wales police tracked down the missing pet using social media . After two weeks the problem was solved. “A woman, who walked past and saw Lucy alone, believed she had been abandoned, so took her home and cared for her,” police said in a statement. The little female animal was happy to be reunited with her friend.


Chris thanked the officers for their efforts. “It feels wonderful. Thank you very much, everybody,” he said. Almost any animal can be a wonderful pet for someone if the human shows a friendly comportment. Lucy even posed for photos with police officers after the reunion. For people interested to know more, rats are very clean and extremely empathic. Rats recognize their owners and respond to their sight and voice. They are very social. Typically they live only two to three years and need optimal care and veterinary attention.


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