Two Japanese teenagers died at Lake McKenzie, Australia


They were reported missing about 5pm on Friday and a search-recue operation started after with boats and helicopters. The bodies of the two boys were located in water at around 8:20am Saturday morning. The families had been notified and police were working with the Japanese consulate.

Lak- McKenzie

Lake McKenzie, 1,200 metres long and up to 930 meters wide,  is popular among tourists and hikers. The sands around the lake are composed of pure, white silica and the water in the lake is also pure. Facilities for visitors around the lake include picnic areas. The lake is located in the Great Sandy National Park. The deaths had shocked the local community. “It’s a calm lake in the middle of an island … whatever has happened is highly unusual,” they say. It was not known if the boys could swim. “I certainly haven’t heard of an incident like this occurring in my history since I have been here,” Inspector Tony Clowes of the Maryborough Patrol Group said.


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