President Trump will meet with South Korean President


The White House confirmed the visit in a statement. The subject to discuss will be uncertainty over the future of nuclear negotiations with North Korea. Moon has essentially positioned himself as the middle man between Washington and Pyongyang since the two countries began exploring diplomatic negotiations last year. Moon also seeks to promote inter-Korean projects both to boost his country’s economy and to foster inter-Korean peace through economic integration.


“There’s obviously a long ways to go. There’s more work to do,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday. On the other part, the South Korean official who briefed reporters Friday said the “government hopes to have another inter-Korean summit sometime soon.” In a sign of rising tensions last Friday, North Korea suddenly withdrew its officials from a joint liaison office operated in tandem with South Korea along their shared border. The North Korean leader has stayed quiet since the summit, a sign he may be unsure how to proceed.


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