New findings about the recent crash of the Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max 8


However, the airline company had the technology available since January. The co-pilot of Flight 302 had taken a course on another simulator as recently as October  but not one specifically designated for the Max 8. Investigation has determined that Flight 302 failed after its automated “anti-stall” system inadvertently pushed the plane’s nose downward and the pilots weren’t able to fix the problem. Pilot manuals did not address the feature.

Boeing aircraft cockpit inside

Another fact is that Boeing’s optional safety features, in part, could have helped the pilots detect any erroneous readings. One of the optional upgrades, the angle of attack indicator, displays the readings of the two sensors. Boeing will soon update the MCAS software and it’s supposed will also make the disagree light standard on all new 737 Max planes. Many airlines, especially low-cost carriers like Indonesia’s Lion Air, have opted not to buy them  and regulators don’t require them but their importance was proved after the two fatal crashes.


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