Government asked by Google and Facebook to stop granting patents


The eight companies that plan to put a stop on all the vague patents that are currently slowing innovation are: Dell, Red Hat, Intuit, Rackspace, Zynga, Homeway, Facebook and . As a main argument to their claim the tech companies detailed “abstract patents are a plague in the high tech sector”. Furthermore, innovators that want to bring specific applications ideas to the table are forced into litigation and end up paying huge settlement fees. Those that don’t still end up paying a fortune in licensing fees and all this translates to higher prices for consumers.

In the past years many abstract ideas regarding the use of a computer or a website to do a general thing were patented. And because ideas are easier to come by when compared to an actual implementation we are currently facing the current situation. Only time will tell if the courts will actually begin rejecting lawsuits on these grounds.


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