The Japanese Kane Tanaka is the world’s oldest living woman now


The record of Kane Tanaka was celebrated in a ceremony at the nursing home where she lives in Fukuoka, in Japan’s southwest.


The woman who had four children and adopted another child with her husband is usually up by 6 am and enjoys studying mathematics. Age is traditionally respected in the Japan, meaning people stay active and feel useful into their 80s and beyond. The oldest woman loves playing the board game Othello (or Reversi), which is a strategy board game for two players. Tanaka, born on 2 January 1903 in the village of Kazuki, Fukuoka Prefecture, as the seventh child of the family. She was born prematurely and raised on breast milk from women other than her mother. During World War II, she worked in a store selling rice cakes with her husband Hideo. At age 103, Tanaka was diagnosed with colon cancer and survived. Now, Her hobbies include calligraphy and calculations. She is drinking three cans a day of canned coffee, some carbonated drinks and various nutritional drinks. Kane declared she likes her life now. She said she would like to live to the age of 120.


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