Scientist removed from CERN after female discrimination affirmations


Last September, Professor Strumia stated that “physics was invented and built by men, it’s not by invitation.” The affirmation was extended over gender equality at a CERN workshop. He showed cartoons deriding women campaigning for equality in science and presented the results of an analysis that he claimed showed that work conducted by female physicists was not as good as their male counterparts. In a statement CERN said: “The incident was investigated in light of the internal Rules and Regulations and the Organisation’s Code of Conduct, which is based on CERN’s core values.” They also said: “CERN reaffirms its commitment to the paramount importance of respect and diversity in the workplace.”


The investigators declared: “Prof Strumia is not an expert on these topics and is misusing his physics credentials to put himself forward as one. Those among us who are familiar with the relevant literature know that Strumia’s conclusions are in stark disagreement with those of experts.” Alessandro Strumia is a physicist at the University of Pisa. His research specialization is in physics beyond the Standard Model.


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