Reward offered by the US for information about a son of Bin Laden


He is emerging as a leader of the Islamist militant group, calling on followers to attack the US and its Western allies in revenge for his father’s killing, officials say. On Friday, Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry announced it had stripped Hamza Bin Laden of his citizenship. Hamza Bin Laden married the daughter of Mohammed Atta, who hijacked one of the four commercial aircraft used in the 2001 attacks and crashed it into one of the World Trade Center towers in New York. Hamza was the favorite son of Osama Bin Laden. „He could be anywhere though in… south central Asia,” said Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Michael Evanoff.


In recent years, al-Qaeda was overshadowed by IS, which attracted global attention, fighters and funds. But after a strategic pause al-Qaeda reorganised planning more attacks on the West and its allied governments across the Middle East and Africa. They trained thousands. These people eventually became the torch-bearers of jihad in the rest of the world. The al-Qaeda affiliates are really no less dangerous than the al-Qaeda core group. It will possible be a durable threat.


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