Egypt’s Army Chief Calls for National Unity


The meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. It was called to tackle increasing number protests that were set off after Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi awarded himself ultimate powers late last month by virtue of a new constitution crafted by the Islamists.

The meeting has been called to attain national unity to bring together the friends of Egypt in President Mursi’s presence. The convener of the meeting is the chief of Armed forces and defense minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

An aide has confirmed that the decision to held talks have been supported by President Mursi. Opposition parties such as, the Muslim Brotherhood has agreed to be in the meeting while the main opposition is yet to decide on whether they will go or not.

The protests and thereby the decision to held talks came after the finance minister announced that IMF loan worth $4.8 billion would be delayed until next month. The news caused a great deal of damage to the hopes of an economic recovery by Egypt.


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