Australian instructor pilot wrote an amusing message in the sky


This was in preparation for the plane to be bought online as an instructional aircraft. After some time, on the way back, the pilot left a message in the sky above the Princes Highway, over South Australia’s Mid North, only visible to those watching live flight tracking programs and websites. Written in letters dozens of kilometres long, the pilot spelt out the words “I’m bored.” The pilot also drew some phallic symbols. It was an amusing fact for flight controlers. The FlightAware website captured the pilot’s work between 8:53am to 11:57am. The plane landed back at Parafield Airport.


Flight Training Adelaide director Pine Pienaar said the pilot’s actions were not condoned and that “apparently he got bored”. “It’s not very common for someone to do this. It’s the first one I’ve seen,” retired Qantas A380 pilot Chris Wilson said. Technically, the pilot would have been following the GPS path. “As long as the pilot flies the aircraft safely and complies with all the aviation safety rules we are not too concerned about what that track looks like,” Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said.


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