Deadly accident at jetski on the Hawkesbury River, Australia


The accident occurred on the Hawkesbury River at Wilberforce near Percys Place Ski Gardens. The jetski made a hard turn at high speed, with none of the passengers wearing life jackets. A 50-year-old man was pulled from the water, unconscious and in cardiac arrest, on to the banks of the Hawkesbury River. The children and wife of the man were at the scene at the time. Another man, 61 old, master of the vessel, is missing, with police and rescue workers searching for him.


Helicopters, boats and scuba divers are involved in the search, as well as Roads and Maritime Services and State Emergency Service personnel. A third man who was riding on the jetski was also treated at the scene but was assessed as not ¬seriously hurt. The men were part of a large group of extended family members and friends from Merrylands in Sydney’s west. Police have appealed for anyone using boats along the river around Wilberforce, near Windsor, to be cautious. A police rescue team as well as State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers came to the assistance of another boat that capsized on the river the same day.


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