A meteorite impact possibly occurred Friday in Cuba


The National Weather Service said its radar “may have detected the meteor” at 1:21 p.m. near Viñales, Cuba, at a height of over 26,000 ft above ground level. The NOAA’s GOES East satellite also detected the apparent meteor flash, NASA Sport said in a blog post. Cuban state media denied that any planes had crashed, calling it a “natural, physical phenomenon.” Cuba’s Geophysics and Astronomy Institute had been sent specialists to Pinar del Rio to study a possible meteor strike. Residents in Viñales, Cuba heard a large explosion, Friday afternoon. For the instant no other evidence was known.


They were no reports of any injuries. If it was a meteorite impact the size of the object it is not known. The biggest meteor hit in modern history, the 1908 explosion over Tunguska, Russia, flattened 800 square miles of forest. In 2013, a meteor blast shook Russia’s Urals region. Buildings lost windows and walls tumbled as the sonic wave from the explosion reverberated through the region.


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