Cold temperatures in Canada and the U.S.


Cold air can sometimes find its way into southern Canada and the US when it breaks off from where it originates. Southern Manitoba and Ontario, as well as northern Minnesota, will see lows down to -28C on Tuesday. On Thursday, cold blast will push east to include much of Quebec, Pennsylvania, New York, and northern New England. In dact values will feel as low as -40C to -45C due to winds. “This is dangerous, deadly cold,” said Richard Bann, meteorologist with the NWS’s Weather Prediction Center in College Park Maryland. Blizzard conditions are predicted across parts of the western Ohio Valley and snow is expected Tuesday through Wednesday from the Great Lakes area into New England.


Snow is also expected. will be in the Dakotas, the Twin Cities and Central Michigan, where they might get a foot or more. “Upstate New York, Vermont and New Hampshire will see less than a foot. Boston and cities in the east will get less than an inch,” meteorologists said. Frigid temperatures were already affecting parts of northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. Many areas will still experience temperatures well below average as we begin the month of February.


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