Fifteen killed in a hotel crash in Peru at a wedding party


The hotel is built close to a hillside. Thirteen people from them died at the scene. Five of those injured were in a critical condition. Wedding guests were dancing in a large tent on Sunday, when disaster occurred. The mud demolished a wall at the hotel. The wall that collapsed into the building was built to protect it from mud and rocks. The bride and groom, Benedicta Palomino and Bladimir Marquez , were not among the dead. The accident happened at the Alhambra hotel in the Andean city of Abancay after five days of heavy rains. About 100 guests were present at the Alhambra hotel at the time of the incident.


Emergency services, residents and police worked through the night to pull victims from the wreckage of the hotel. The mayor of Abancay, Guido Chahuaylla, said that every effort was made to ensure that rescuers were able to reach those trapped in the rubble. Abancay is located at an elevation of 2,377 meters. It is famous as one of the best Peruvian ethnomusical festivals. The city’s surroundings have some astonishingly beautiful landscapes.


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