The warmest days on record in Australia right now


South Australia’s Port Augusta hit 48.5 degrees Celsius (119 F) on Tuesday, the highest since records began in 1962. The town of Tarcoola in South Australia reached a sweltering 49 C (120 F). In northwestern Australia, Marble Bar at one point almost reached 50 C (122 F). The hot weather is expected to last until Friday. The young, elderly and those with asthma or respiratory diseases have big problems. “High ozone” air pollution, which can irritate the lungs, was expected Wednesday across Sydney. A health warning asked people to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, minimize physical activity and keep hydrated. The affected persons can have symptoms as dizziness, tiredness, irritability, thirst, fainting, muscle pains or cramps, headache, changes in skin color, rapid pulse, shallow breathing, vomiting and confusion.


Severe droughts installed across the country. More than a million dead fish have been washed In the Murray-Darling River Basin across the southeast. More deaths of marine life are expected in coming days. An estimated 23,000 spectacled flying foxes died. Stone fruit, including peaches and nectarines, became to cook from the inside out and are not good to be consumed.


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