Dinosaurs in a Google Doodle got the big reward for a 6-year-old Virginia girl


Second-grader Sarah Gomez-Lane will be rewarded with $30,000 in scholarship funds for college, and her school, Pine Spring Elementary School in Falls Church, will receive $50,000 in funds to spend on technology. The winner was announced after invited the finalists for each grade level to its headquarters in California, where they interacted with ’s professional doodlers for the day. Sarah is the first winner ever to collaborate with ’s artists to bring her drawing to life, transforming the artwork into an “animated, interactive experience,” Google said. They asked Sarah what she was thinking when she created the characters and helped bring them to „life”.


So a Tyrannosaurus Rex plays the trumpet, a Triceratops eats ice cream, a Brachiosaurus eats blueberries and a Stegosaurus  blows a bubble out of gum and floats in the air with the simple roll of the mouse. Sarah was chosen as the winner because Google was “blown away by her big ambitions for her future, especially at her young age,” the tech company said in a statement. she wants to be a paleontologist one day Sarah’s doodle was displayed on the Google homepage for 24 hours.


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