Morsi adamant to rescind decrees, 6 dead in protests



At least 6 people were dead and 700 more were injured after Morsi refused to be flexible from his stand. People in his favor and from opposition gathered in mass.

In a formal address via TV, Morsi blamed opposition of serving leftovers of Hosni Mubarak’s regime. He further added that under no circumstances, he would tolerate overthrowing work of his elected government.

Hearing this, the opposition chanted against Morsi and shouted in favor of toppling the regime of Morsi. Around 30,000 Morsi opponents were present in the crowd chanting against him and his regime. During Morsi’s speech, the protesters gathered around his palace holding their shoes over their heads as a symbol of disrespect.

President Morsi also invited the opposition to a dialogue at his Presidential palace beginning Saturday. He also indicated that he is not going to offer any concessions.  On the other side, the opposition has refused to meet Morsi until he rescinds decrees first.



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