Suspicious packages were sent to several foreign missions in Australia


British consulate as well as near US, Turkish, Korean and Italian consulates received them. Hazardous material warnings were also shown near the Indonesian, Thai, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese consulates in Melbourne. Argentinian consulate in Sydney was sent three bags containing asbestos and fibreglass. Sydney’s Argentinian consulate was partially evacuated on Monday. There was also an alert of a hazardous material incident at Yertchuch Avenue in Ashwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, where the Swiss consulate is based. Some embassies and consulates in Canberra had also been affected. Diplomatic offices in Melbourne for countries including , Italy, India, Spain and Korea were among those attended by police, fire crews and ambulance officers on Wednesday afternoon. All of the incidents were declared under control.


The packages are reported to have been marked as containing asbestos. “The packages are being examined by attending emergency services,” a spokeswoman said. The circumstances around the incidents were under investigation but for the instant no information about the sender(s) are available. Authorities are yet to make an official statement.


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