Australian police encounter with a man who hates spyders


Neighbors reported hearing a young child screaming and a man shouting death threats repeatedly. They thought he was trying to kill his wife. Several police units responded with lights and sirens to the unlikely incident. According to the post, the caller heard the man yelling “why don’t you die” repeatedly. Police from Wanneroo were relieved  no one had been injured in the incident , except a home-invading spider. The man admitted he had a serious fear of spiders , he tried to kill it and apologised to police for the inconvenience. „No further police involvement required,” they concluded.


Taking to Twitter later, Wanneroo Police posted the incident report with the caption: “Never a dull moment for Po-lice!” It was later deleted „because it included the screenshot of police communications; the account should have been transcribed in a separate post.” In 2015, a similar incident occurred in Sydney. Australia has some highly venomous spiders. There are, however, no shortage of sensationalised news reports.


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