A young American is the first person to cross Antarctica alone


His goal was for 70 days. The explorer reached the Ross Ice Shelf as destination point. Everyone who tried to accomplish that feat before O’Brady either gave up or died. His sled, which weighed 400 pounds, contained a tent, a sleeping bag, cameras, a satellite phone, 30 pounds of fuel for cooking and 220 pounds of food. His diet consisted in oatmeal, freeze-dried meals, soup, and special “Colin Bars” that his sponsor, Standard Process Supplements, made for him. They contained a blend of nuts, seeds, coconut oil, and other whole-food supplements. All coumpting 7000 calories per day.


„I try to be minimalist in life in general, but this expedition has taken it to another level. I must say, it’s quite cathartic to know I have everything I need to survive right here. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ve noticed by simplifying like this, my mind is free from unnecessary clutter and I have full capacity for creativity,” Colin said. He had lost a lot of weight. The explorer posted on Instagram during the trek. He affirmed once that „accomplishing this goal would not have been possible without a healthy body and mind.” He spoke with his wife, Jenna, every evening.


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