Pope Francis asked for fraternity in the world


He appealed for peace in conflict zones including Yemen and Syria. He also said he hoped the international community would “work decisively for a political solution” in Syria – a country that is approaching its eighth year of civil war. His address also alluded to worldwide tensions over migration, saying that God wanted “love, acceptance, respect” throughout all humanity. He also sent a message to minority Christian communities who are living in what he called hostile situations. The first Pope from Latin America also addressed his native region calling for political reconciliation in Nicaragua and Venezuela.


Pope Francis said the birth of Christ pointed to a new way to live “not by devouring and hoarding, but by sharing and giving”. The Pope asked and answered himself: What does that Child, born for us of the Virgin Mary, have to tell us? What is the universal message of Christmas? It is that God is a good Father and we are all brothers and sisters.”


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