British security estimates that Al-Qaeda is ready for new passenger planes attacks


Security minister Ben Wallace told the media terrorists had been developing technology that would capable of bringing down a jet. “Al-Qaeda are resurgent. They have reorganised. They are pushing more and more plots towards Europe and have become familiar with new methods and still aspire to aviation attacks,” he added. Al-Qaeda have recently been popping up in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and other countries in the Middle East. Osama bin Laden’s son – Hamza bin Laden – and has taken control of the terror group.

Al-Qaeda militants

A recent terror investigation in the UK exposed plans to mount bomb attacks on the UK using drones. The minister said the government had pumped in 25 million pounds into a joint UK Home Office and Department for Transport research programme on how to protect planes even more from new chemicals, different methods of explosion and insider threats. The UK minister said improvements in airport security meant terrorists were less likely to smuggle explosives through terminal security systems.


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