Explosion at a restaurant in Japan injured more than 40 people


It caused nearby apartment buildings and houses to shake. The area where the explosion occurred is about 50 meters from Hiragishi Station on the Sapporo municipal subway’s Nanboku Line. At least 42 people were injured, including one critically. They were rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. Officials warned that the number of injured could rise. Debris was strewn across the nearby street. Residents reported smelling gas after the explosion. One building collapsed in fire. More than 20 fire engines were deployed at the scene. Cops have cordoned off the site.

Explosion at a restaurant in Sapporo

TV footage showed gray smoke billowing from the restaurant as dozens of firefighters poured water onto the building, which was charred and nearly collapsing. Police and firefighters warned people in the neighborhood of the possibility of another explosion. The cause of the explosion is unknown and emergency services continue to investigate.


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