A nine year old boy damaged dozens homes and cars in a Perth suburb, Australia


He damaged dozens of homes and vehicles. Police was in difficulty because they don’t have many options . They even said can’t do anything. The age at which a child can be held criminally responsible is 10 under federal law. However, „we all have a responsibility to make sure children are kept under some care and control,” WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said to media. Police officers have spent the past week sitting outside the boy’s home in an attempt to stop the vandalism. “He is pretty violent for a nine-year-old,” a resident appreciated. Authorities are calling for calm.

The kid on surveillance cameras

Even politicians are involved in this case. “Right now, the Department of Communities, WA Police, Department of Education and Mental Health Services are doing everything they can to help this child. They need a bit of time and a bit of trust, so that they can do their job,” Swan Hills politician Jessica Shaw said adding that police is confronting with an “incredibly complex situation”. Finally, the child has been taken away by police. Police said they were working with the family to manage the child’s behavior.


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