More safety rules for Christmas parades in Canada after a tragedy in Yarmouth


In the tragic incident four-year-old girl, MaCali Cormier,  has died after falling underneath a Santa Claus float Saturday. She had been running alongside the float during the annual Christmas Parade of Lights in Yarmouth. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had reached out to the mayor of Yarmouth to offer his condolences ‘to the entire community’.  ‘As a parent, words fail at times like this,’ The Prime Minister tweeted.

Vigil held for girl who died in Christmas parade tragedy

A Glasgow’s parade is scheduled for Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m. In Fall River, N.S., outside Halifax, the parade was supposed to take place on Nov. 25. But it was postponed to Dec. 9 due to weather. The Town of Port Hawkesbury and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality are also reviewing safety procedures for parades. Organizers are planning to be stricter about safety this year.  In fact, there have always been strict safety rules in place, especially if there are children on floats. Organizers are also cautious about decorations on floats and speed. But now local police will drive through the parade route to ensure people are keeping a safe distance from the road. Some parade participants have already decided that younger children won’t be allowed on floats. Although tragedies like the Yarmouth death are rare, multiple people have been killed during parades in Canada over the last decade.


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