Facebook and Instagram have working issues


Users are seeing error messages, slow load times and issues connecting to Messenger. Facebook released a statement Tuesday saying, “We are currently experiencing issues that may cause some API requests to take longer or fail unexpectedly. We are investigating the issue and working on a resolution.” According to downdetector.com, a majority of U.S. users who reported issues with Facebook or Instagram on Tuesday morning were on the east coast. Users reported that pages that were slow to load or failed to load entirely, among other issues.


using-smartphone6 Some of the problems with Facebook included not being able post status updates. Instagram users reported the app not loading and showing an error message. Neither social media site has said what is causing the problems yet or when the issues will be resolved. Facebook also had some problems a week ago too. Users for both platforms were tweeting about the outages. Some were frustrated because it seemed like the apps were experiencing outages fairly frequently.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available


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