Facebook users shared a photo for a chance of winning $1 million


Although he initially shared the photo just with his friends it seems he quickly became an Internet sensation.

While some argue that Nolan Daniels couldn’t have won the Powerball multi-million dollar jackpot most Facebook users (close to 1.5 million users at the moment) thought they might as-well share the photo for that small chance of getting the promised one million dollar price.

The photo of Daniels and the so called winning ticket might be photoshopped. As other people also noticed the ticket shown in the posted photo doesn’t have the winning numbers sorted in their numerical order as a normal Powerball ticket would have them listed. But this is not all. Another information that proves Nolan Daniels posted a fake comes right from the Arizona Republic that tweeted information regarding the winning ticket. According to their tweet that winning ticket was a $10 quick pick ticket and not a $2 one as Nolan Daniels might have you believe.

Nonetheless, Nolan Daniels quickly reached a moment of internet fame. And if indeed it turns out he didn’t have a winning ticket he could still use his recent notoriety and do something constructive with it. One of his friends even joked about this and said he will end up in a “Jay Leno” show.


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