The presidential jet of Mexico is for sale


The airplane was one of the most expensive presidential airplanes in the world. If set up like a passenger jet it could fit 280 people. “It’s not just an efficient, modern plane – it’s a comfy plane, with a bedroom, a restaurant, with lots of space,” Mexico’s incoming leader described the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. The 64-year-old new president has promised to travel on commercial flights rather than a luxury aircraft for which he said Mexico had paid up to 8bn pesos ($392m) and cost 500m pesos a year to maintain. He issued a global call out to potential purchasers in “every corner of the world”. “If you want to buy it, I’ll deliver it personally. We’ll have a ceremony and you’ll be traveling in a very important plane. It’s not just about the price … it’s about the fame!” he added.

Mexico’s presidential aircraft

President López Obrador  said proceeds from the auction of the presidential Boeing would be used “to benefit our people” and claimed the winner would be walking away with a steal. “It’s not just any old thing.” “I’d die of shame to use such a luxurious plane in a country with so much poverty,” the unpretentious president said.  In addition, López Obrador has decided to sell  or rent out  many airplanes and helicopters owned by the federal government.


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