Conservative Panel Writers push to get the new constitution approved hastily


The assembly suddenly shifted the vote to Thursday with a view to get the draft passed before the Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court. Supreme Constitutional Court is the nation’s highest judicial source of power. The voting is done on an article by article basis.

In the past few days, around 30 liberal & Christian members have drawn themselves out of the panel with a view to protest the retaining of the constitution. They term the process “hijacking” and an attempt to express loyalty towards President Mohamed Morsi.

The protest against Morsi at the Tahrir Square continued for 7 straight days. On the other hand, Morsi allowed himself more power until the work on constitution is done. He was expected to address before the public later Thursday.

The on-going crisis triggered street protests that are still unabated. During the protest, 2 people have been killed with hundreds being injured.


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