Mother and son in Canada reunited after 31 years


Officials say the elder Mann had abducted his son during a court-ordered visit in 1987, and then fled across the border. Jermaine Mann was less than two years old at the time.U.S. federal agents say Jermaine’s father, Allan Mann Jr., was arrested on Friday in Connecticut, where the two had been living under aliases in a suburb near Hartford. Mann Jr. has dual Canadian and Ghanaian citizenship and was found living under the name Hailee DeSouzaJermaine.  Allan Mann Jr. appeared briefly Friday in federal court in Hartford, where he faces charges including making false statements in transactions with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The abducted son

The son, now 33, had been told his mother died decades ago. “We thank the many law enforcement agencies, in the U.S. and Canada, that have investigated this matter, worked hard to apprehend this fugitive and finally provided some answers to a mother who has suffered with her son’s absence for far too long,” Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham said. The investigation has involved multiple U.S. agencies as well as Toronto police and the RCMP.Allan Mann Jr. remains in custody following his arrest.


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