Singapore Airlines will operate the longest non-stop flight route, in a few days


The  20-hour trip will become the world’s longest non-stop flight route. That’s three hours longer than the Qantas Airlines 787 flight from Perth to London. The new flights will initially run three times a week from Singapore to Newark Liberty International Airport, with daily operations starting October 18 after a second Airbus A350-900 enters service.


“The A350 is a clean-sheet design that has been designed for those long-range flights,” Florent Petteni, Airbus’ aircraft interiors marketing director for the A350 told. The aircraft cabin will be more like a room, rather than a long tube. The plane has a low noise level and a maximum in-cabin simulated altitude of just 6,000 feet. The A350’s fuselage is made from composite materials, including carbon fiber — rather than using conventional aluminum construction techniques. This allowed Airbus to include wide, panoramic windows. The cabin can bealso  made fully dark, to give passengers a restful sleep environment. Compared to the standard A350-900, the ULR will haul an additional 24,000 liters of fuel to fly its 20-hour missions. The interior configuration of Singapore Airlines’ ULRs features 67 business class seats and 94 premium economy seats.


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