A 5.9 earthquake in Haiti killed many people late Saturday night


This is the strongest earthquake to hit Haiti since 2010. At least five of the deaths were registered in the the Port-de-Paix area. Haitian officials are expecting the death toll to go up. Tremors were felt throughout the country, triggering panic. At least two aftershocks were also registered.  No tsunami warning was issued in connection with the earthquake.  “I urge the population to keep calm, following the passage of the earthquake whose epicenter is located in the northwest coast. The (disaster) risk management system and the regional branches of the Civil Protection are on standby to assist the inhabitants of the affected areas” Haiti President Jovenel Moïse posted on Twitter.“


A Catholic church and the main police station in Port-de-Paix being destroyed or damaged. Detainees were also released from a police holding cell that was damaged. The earthquake occurred about 12 miles north of Port-de-Paix in northwest Haiti. Several people were injured, mainly in rainy Port-de-Paix, Gros-Morne, Chansolme and on Ile de la Tortue. Haiti is prone to earthquakes as the island sits adjacent to major fault lines along the so-called “Ring of Fire” which has 75 percent of all the active volcanoes on earth.


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