Deer hunting will be officially increased in Australia to protect agriculture


They are hurting agricultural businesses, reducing biodiversity and putting lives at risk. A letter from the Manningham Council and Yarra Ranges, Cardinia and Nillumbik shires to the government, Friday, asked as deer should be officially classified as a pest species. Officials opened up 90,000 hectares of the Alpine National Park to deer hunting permitting businesses to prepare deer for eating.

Professional Australian hunter

Australian Deer Association executive officer Barry Howlett said the strategy struck the right balance between promoting recreational hunting and preserving the environment. “A lot of areas in eastern Victoria that have very few visitors could be opened for hunting tomorrow with really no impact on other users,” he said. Feral deer are mostly found in south-eastern Australia, but scientific studies have warned conditions are ripe for their eventual migration to northern Australia. Deer populations in south-east Australia are soaring with an estimated 1 million in Victoria alone. It is believed that at least 400,000 a year must be removed. Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said in a statement farmers were already allowed to control deer on private property. „We are not talking about a cute little Bambi here. This is a 200-kilogram herbivore that’s wreaking a lot of damage on our native bush and impacting agriculture,” Victorian Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio said in a statement.


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