Pope Francis prepares measures to stop sexual abuse by priests


The scandal is global, the crisis has continued to expand, with a grand jury report in Pennsylvania detailing more than 1,000 credible accusations of sexual abuse committed by more than 300 priests and a new investigation of New York’s dioceses by the state attorney general. “The Holy Father, after hearing the Council of Cardinals, convened a meeting with the presidents of the Episcopal Conferences of all the world to speak about the prevention of abuse of minors and vulnerable adults,” Paloma García Ovejero, a Vatican press official, said in a briefing Wednesday.


The College of Cardinals said the meetings would happen in February. The Feb. 21-24 meeting of the presidents of the more than 100 bishops conferences is believed to be the first of its kind, and signals a realization at the highest levels of the church that clergy sex abuse is a global problem. The Vatican in 2011 ordered every bishops conference around the world to develop written guidelines to prevent abuse of minors and vulnerable adults. „Not more talks, action !” asked some Pope’s critics. It’s a battle from the truth. The Pope must address abuses to maintain the Catholic’s Church credibility.


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