A Qantas flight from Perth to London turned back due to an aggressive passenger


The passenger, a 32-year old male, in economy class, allegedly become violent and disruptive and had to be restrained. The marathon direct flight to London, one of the world’s longest  launched recently, usually takes 17 hours and 20 minutes. “Whatever happened next he was suddenly standing up and shouting and pointing in an extremely aggressive manner,” a witness described the behavior of the disruptive passenger who was agitated „like a cornered animal.” Passengers leapt in to control him, Qantas staff tried to calm him. Cabin crew asked passengers to help them control the man.

Flight turned around

Australian Federal Police boarded the plane and removed the passenger after the flight landed back in Perth at 10.32pm. The incident caused big delays for passengers. Saturday’s flight was delayed because crew no longer had sufficient available duty hours. The flight was rescheduled to leave at 12pm on Sunday. “This type of disruption inconveniences our customers, but we take a zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on board. We have provided customers with overnight accommodation and will have them on their way as soon as possible,” Qantas said. The Dreamliner has a capacity of 236 passengers.


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