Pope Francis spoke about Vigano’s letter as part of a 45-minute conference


He also discussed the Vatican’s processes for judging bishops accused of covering up abuse, how laypeople should respond when they hear of abuse allegations, and what advice he would give to a parent of a child coming out as gay. “I will not say a single word on this,” the pope said of the letter. “I think this statement speaks for itself, and you have the sufficient journalistic capacity to draw conclusions.””When some time passes and you have your conclusions, maybe I will speak,” said Francis. “But I would like that your professional maturity carries out this task.”


The Pope confirmed  he is not planning to follow through on a 2015 proposal for the Vatican to create one tribunal tasked with judging bishops accused of mishandling abuse allegations because  the idea for such a tribunal is “not viable.” The pope said that those investigating abuse must presume innocence until guilt is proven, and called the work of journalists looking into abuse cases “very delicate.” Asked how the people of God could work to protect children from clergy abuse, Francis responded: “When you see something, speak immediately.”


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