Gaza celebrates victory after the ceasefire starts


The ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas ended after 8 days of intense killing on Wednesday night.

The Palestinians celebrated the ceasefire by considering it as a victory and waved flags of Gaza. In addition to the flags of Gaza, flags of Egypt were also hoisted to show respect o the President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi.

According to the Palestinian sources the Hamas officials proclaimed victory over loudspeakers and asked the people to join in celebrations and visit the families of the martyrs who embraced death in the war. Further celebrations are planned after the Friday Jumua prayers.

After the start of ceasefire, no more rockets are being fired and the recent mot attack has been just half an hour before the beginning of the ceasefire.

On the other side of the story, Israel had their own set of goals for this operation.

The mission is said to be a failure especially after only the civilians got hurt.


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