A new strong earthquake occurred on Lombok island


The new quake was centred in the northeast of the island and didn’t have the potential to cause a tsunamiThursday’s was the biggest of 355 aftershocks since the 6.9-magnitude quake last Sunday, which displaced more than 154,000 people. It has caused additional damage. Some buildings and power lines collapsed. The Indonesian National Disaster Mitigation Agency tweeted that refugees and community members poured out of buildings in fright when today’s quake struck.The full extent of the accumulative damage was not immediately known. An elderly couple was crushed in their home. Rescuers are continuing to retrieve bodies and attempting to get basic supplies such as food and water to the worst-hit areas.


Tens of thousands are now sleeping out in the open or in the ruins of their homes. With hospitals and clinics also affected, many of the injured have had to be treated in the open air or in makeshift clinics. This is the third large earthquake to strike Lombok in the past month. Some areas in the north had still not received any aid.Volunteers and rescue personnel have erected more temporary shelters for the tens of thousands left homeless on the island.


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